Fall 2023 NSO Student Staff Profiles


Four student coordinators work with professional staff to select and train NSO staff, plan and implement all NSO events, coordinate with other Georgetown offices and departments, work with non-affiliated partners and sponsors, and create a welcoming environment for all incoming students and their families. Meet this year’s Coordinators!

Hello, my name is Connor Forberg (which conveniently rhymes with Fonnor Corberg)! I use he/him pronouns, and I am a rising senior in the SFS, studying International Political Economy. I am originally from Milwaukee, WI.

I am one of the Student Coordinators for NSO this fall, and I am so excited for all of our new students to join us on the hilltop! My favorite NSO memory is simply hanging out with my new students and fellow staff. Everyone is absolutely lovely at NSO, and it’s just a great time to be existing here at Georgetown. When I’m not balling out with my NSO peers, I am usually playing Georgetown club ultimate frisbee or hanging out in a quiet nook to do some work or chill out. My favorite part of DC is the public transportation (best in the country, babyyyy); you can bike, scooter, bus, or metro all around DC and can use all that transportation to step away from your commitments at Georgetown and experience new things. My advice for new students is to try new things, but don’t worry about missing out either! There’s sometimes pressure to be doing everything, but it is always more important to find balance and seek wellness than it is to overload you plate. 🙂

Hey everyone! My name is Malin (MAY-lin) Kint (all/any) and I’m one of the student coordinators for NSO this fall! I am a rising senior in the School of Foreign Service studying Culture and Politics with a concentration in Language, Body, and Power, and minoring in Psychology. I’m originally from Central PA. I’ve been staffing NSO since Fall 2021 and it has been one of the best things I’ve done at Georgetown. Outside of being and NSO Coord, I also work as a Wayfinder at the Cawley Career Center and as a front desk worker at the SFS Dean’s Office. On campus, I play the sousaphone in the Georgetown Pep Band and the tuba in the GU Orchestra. I’m also a loosehead prop on the GU Women’s Rugby Team, on the board of the Sexual Joy Committee in H*yas for Choice, and an ambassador for Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program. In my free time, I love exploring DC and all the fun neighborhoods, events, and experiences it has to offer! You can often find me on a Lime Scooter whizzing through campus – I cannot recommend them enough! They help make the Georgetown Bubble feel a little less constricting. However, you won’t see much around much on campus this fall, because after NSO I am heading across the pond to Amsterdam for a semester studying abroad! As a senior, making the decision to leave campus was terrifying, but it’s never too late to create the Georgetown experience that you want! And Georgetown is an incredible place to create an encouraging community that supports you in all the crazy decisions you make. Since I won’t be around in the Fall, I want to spend as much time getting to know all of you as I can, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you just want to chat! My email is mek151@georgetown.edu and I can wait to see everyone in August! 🫧

Howdy! I’m Rachel Li (she/her), and I’m a Student Coordinator for Fall 2023 NSO! I’m a rising senior in the College of Arts & Sciences double majoring in Government and History, and I’m from Dallas, TX. I’ve staffed NSO since Fall 2021 and have made amazing memories and friends through NSO (my favorite NSO memory is singing Taylor Swift in the Cooper Field bleachers at the top of my lungs waiting for my new students to arrive!). Outside of NSO I am a Senior Advisor for the Chinese Student Alliance, I lead a small group and play piano for my campus ministry Chi Alpha, and I staff Georgetown’s annual high school and college Model UN conferences. My favorite part about DC is being so close to so many iconic monuments and museums, and I always go sunrise monumenting at the end of every semester! Some advice I’d give to new students is don’t be afraid to ask for help! Talk to your Orientation Advisor, Peer Advisor, Dean, professors (office hours aren’t as scary as they may seem)—they’re all here to support you and want to see you thrive! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my email at rol7@georgetown.edu. We can’t wait to meet you this fall, and Hoya Saxa!

Hi hi! My name is Tyler Salensky (he/him), and I am a Student Coordinator for NSO this upcoming fall. I’m so beyond excited to meet you all, and I hope you’re just as excited to be coming to Georgetown in just a few short weeks! I am a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and Statistics, and I am from Vinita, Oklahoma. Beyond NSO, I am the Website Editor for The Georgetown Voice and have further involvement in the Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program (GAAP) and the Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP). In addition, studying at Georgetown has given me the opportunity to intern for an educational consulting organization and work as an assistant for the MBA program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. These experiences only represent what I have faced in the past two years (perks of having a fully virtual freshman year 😵‍💫🥱), so I can only imagine what four years at Georgetown can look like for you! Before I skedaddle, I leave you with one piece of advice: get to truly know everyone! You truly never know which floor mate, group project member, or Leo’s dinner inhabitant could become your best friend. You’d never believe that Malin (pictured above) and I became friends one random Friday night in the Kennedy 8 common room. :’)

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about Georgetown by contacting me at tss80@georgetown.edu, and I would be more than happy to get in touch with you. Hoya Saxa! 🫶🤭😌😻


Our seventeen Captains are upperclassmen student leaders that serve as facilitators of small groups of Orientation Advisors during NSO. The responsibilities of Captains include assisting in the training of OAs, helping with Parent and Family Orientation, and providing event management support to the NSO Coordinators and OAs during Orientation. Here are a few our Fall 2023 Captains!

Hi! My name is Hannah Laibinis, and I am thrilled to be a NSO captain this upcoming fall. I’m originally from Brentwood, Tennessee, and I’m a rising senior in the SFS studying STIA (Science, Technology, and International Affairs) with a concentration in Biotechnology and Global Health. I’m also minoring in Statistics and Chinese.

My favorite NSO memory is definitely welcoming students to campus during move-in. I love getting to see how students begin to get more comfortable as they develop a community and make new friends. Besides serving as an NSO captain, I am an events chair for the Georgetown Program Board (think fun events with free food!), a player on the women’s club ultimate frisbee team, a member of the Senior Class Committee, and a GAAP (Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program) state chair. Living in D.C. is also one of my favorite parts of going to Georgetown. A few of my favorite activities are studying at the Library of Congress and running to the Lincoln Memorial. My advice for new students would be to give yourself time to explore and rest. Whether joining a new club just for fun or exploring D.C. on the weekend, college is a time to find new passions and hobbies. I joined club ultimate frisbee my first year without knowing how to throw a frisbee, and now it has become one of my closest communities on campus. I hope you’re as excited for NSO as I am! Welcome to the Hilltop and Hoya Saxa!

Hi y’all! My name is Abbey Swartzwelder, and I am a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Government. I am from Dallas, TX, hence the “y’all”! In addition to being an NSO Captain, I am in Georgetown Individuals Vocal and Energetic for Service, Kappa Alpha Theta, and the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation. One of my favorite things about Georgetown is that the neighborhood is filled with fun things to do, but you still feel like you’re tucked away from the business of D.C.– you’re not right in the center of action, but still close enough to take advantage of it. My best advice for a new student would be to embrace the spontaneity of your first year here. So many of my favorite memories here came from the most unexpected places– all because I took the leap and said “yes”!

Orientation Advisors (OAs)

Roughly 125 Orientation Advisors (OAs) serve as mentors to groups of 10-12 new students and guide them through the NSO program. OAs stay in touch with their group of new students after NSO to serve as supportive resource throughout the transition period. Meet some of our Fall 2023 Orientation Advisors!

Hey y’all!!! My name is Alana Cenaj and I am a Sophomore in the MSB! I am super duper excited to meet you guys and can’t wait to show you around campus. A little bit about me, I’m originally from San Antonio, TX, love soccer , I’m trilingual (+ Albanian, spanish), and I LOVE cooking/baking.. although sometimes my creations doesn’t turn out.. the best (lol). On campus, I’m in the MSB like I said and I’m majoring in finance and accounting. I’m involved in a variety of clubs including Georgetown Collegiate Investors (GCI), Bossier Magazine, Model United Nations and also am in the process of starting my own club. There is sooo many amazing clubs on campus so I’m excited for y’all to see which ones best suit you. Also D.C is such a beautiful place so you will have so so much fun. I would definitely say try to go on walks by the water front whenever you can.. it’s super relaxing. And maybe grab (personal fav) a chicken parm sandwich from Wisemiller’s for the walk… anyways I’m super duper excited to meet y’all!! My best advice would be to not be afraid to express yourself, meet new people and attend events! There is so so many fun events that take place on campus so don’t miss out. I’m super excited to meet y’all and can’t wait for NSO!!! See y’all then!!

Hey what’s up everyone, my name is James Dolan and I’m a junior in the college studying History and Government. At school I work at the Jesuit Residence, I am a co-president and guitarist for Prospect Records (which runs a lot of Georgetown’s music scene), and I’m on the men’s club volleyball team. Something I love about DC is the fun and relatively cheap music scene… my favorite venues are Comet Ping Pong, DC9, and the Black Cat. (Blues Alley is also sick and really close to campus, but it’s more expensive). A bit of advice for incoming students is to try and get to know the people on your floor, because nothing beats having your best friends live down the hall from you.

Hiiii! My name is Whitney (੭ ᐕ)/ ! I’m a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Linguistics and Cognitive Science aaaand I’m from Long Island. On campus, I’m involved in the Black Student Alliance, 1634 Society, and I also work at the Medical Center as a research assistant centered on researching primary progressive aphasia. One thing I love about Georgetown is how everything is so close to each other which makes shopping for necessities super convenient. My advice for everyone would be to just go for it! Georgetown offers so many great opportunities for about anything and everything, and some of these are limited to just freshmen or sophomores, so take advantage of them and see where it gets you! Okie dokie, see you soon ԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ)

Hi 🙂 My name is Justin and I am a rising senior in the college majoring in English and minoring in Journalism from NYC. I am a transfer student from Howard University, and since transferring I’ve been a makeup artist for Diamanté, a model for Abissa, a student at the CALL, and will serve as this year’s media chair for BLF. My favorite thing about Georgetown is the waterfront and its proximity to the monuments. If I could share one piece of advice for incoming students it would be to find joy in little things because when the work load picks up you’ll need the little things to keep you centered.
See you soon 🙂

Hello! My name is Sophie and I am from San Diego, CA. I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences planning to major in biology of global health. I am involved in performance clubs like the Improv Association, Mask and Bauble, and Nomadic Theatre. Being a part of these performance clubs are so fun and allow me to destress from classes with some of my best friends. (Audition for the Improv Association and look out for our shows!) I also am a part of a club called National Alzheimer Buddies that connects members with buddies who are dementia patients in DC. This club and other volunteer clubs help to bridge the gap between Hoyas and the community outside of the Georgetown bubble. What I love about Georgetown is the strong campus community that encourages Hoyas to constantly learn from one another and have fun with what we are passionate about. My advice for incoming Hoyas would be to explore the clubs that you can be a part of outside of your courses. These can be the greatest way to have fun or make an impact on campus and socialize with people that share your interests. Go to the CAB fair at the very beginning of the year and seek out any club that you find interesting and that can help you connect with the Georgetown community! I hope you new Hoyas have a great time getting to know Georgetown! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey what’s up everyone I’m Joe and a rising Junior in the SFS. I’m studying IPOL-security and focusing on terrorism and counter-narcotics. On campus, I work at the Jesuit residence and help small businesses with licensing in the neighborhood. Additionally, I have a DC govt role and run GUSA’s City Life/Fed Affairs team. In my spare time, I cheer on our sports teams with Hoya Blue and am a huge Nats fan. The Georgetown neighborhood has so much fun and tasty restaraunts to offer: I recommend Il Canale for great pizza and Green Almond Pantry for home-cooked meals (so good it’ll taste like your mom made it!). My best advice is to check out everything DC has to offer and be spontaneous! Get a Capital BikeShare membership ($25/year for students) and check out the cool neighborhoods. Your best memories will come from just saying yes!

Hey y’all! My name is Nestory Ngolle and I am a sophomore in the College from Worcester, Massachusetts (the best state in the country). I am majoring in Biology of Global Health on the Pre-med track and am involved in DC Reads and Georgetown’s Black Student Alliance. One piece of advice I’d give to any incoming student is to step outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s something as simple that means trying a new ice cream flavor or as crazy as venturing to a foreign country; do it. DC is a great city and college is a once in a lifetime experience. There is no time better than the present!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Lucas Nieman and I’m a senior in the SFS. I’m studying International Politics (IPOL) with a minor in our Latin American Studies Program. This is my first time as an OA so I’m very excited. Outside of NSO I’m a program coordinator for the DC Schools Project, treasurer for Club Olas, and a member of Georgetown UNICEF & GREEN. I also love going to the university’s gym and I’m happy to give tips on wellness at Georgetown! My favorite thing about the student experience at Georgetown and in DC is the vast network of experiences and globally-minded people. My best advice is to branch out and try new experiences, making the most of the opportunities we have to offer!

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah. I’m a senior in the School of Health, and I study global health. On campus, I’m involved in Georgetown Club Swim and Global Health Governance as Public Service (GHGAPS), and I’m currently working on my honors thesis as a Kalorama Fellow at the Center for Research and Fellowships. Here in DC, we have so many unique places to grab coffee and work, which is so helpful when you need to change up your regular routine. I really encourage new students to make connections with upperclassmen and seek out mentoring opportunities – their experience, support, and advice are absolutely invaluable. See you on the Hilltop!

Hi everyone! My name’s Brendan, I’m a rising junior studying Government and French in the College of Arts and Sciences, and I’m originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. I’m also an OA for NSO fall 2023! As an incoming freshman, I knew next to nothing about life at Georgetown, so NSO was an incredible resource for students like me to learn what it’s like to be a Hoya. So many of my DC firsts (first visit to the monuments, first Leo’s dinner, first Jack the bulldog sighting) happened during NSO, all of which made it a transformative week in my college experience. If I could give an incoming student advice, I’d remind them to strike a balance between getting involved in various on-campus communities and finding time for yourself to adjust to the changes that accompany your new environment.

Hi! I’m Meghan and a sophomore in the SFS studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA). I’m the Environmental Justice Lead at the Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN) and an instructor for Bringing in the Bystander. My favorite thing about Georgetown is how ambitious the students are and the feeling of being surrounded by people who are doing or going to do great things. For a great year I recommend not being 2 cool 4 school – participate is the silly events even if you think it’s lame and do not let shame hold you back. Have a fantastic year, Hoya!

Hey everybody! My name is Vas (rhymes with grass) and I’m a senior in the College studying Government and Modern Greek. I am a Jersey native and transfer student from Union County College. Since arriving at Georgetown, I became a Grillmaster and E-board Member in the Grilling Society, Satire Editor for The Georgetown Independent, a member of the Georgetown Hellenic Association, and a volunteer for the Georgetown Coalition For Workers’ Rights (USAS Local 9). This fall, I will be downtown at the CALL and working as an AWES (Advancing Women’s Empowerment and Service) Fellow. I am so excited to serve as an OA and meet incoming transfer students! Georgetown is a small school with a big personality and you will very quickly find ways to get involved, but don’t let endless clubs and acronyms overwhelm you! Please get on the Metro as soon as possible and explore the rest of DC! You will hear a lot of talk during NSO about escaping the “Georgetown bubble”, and it is all true. DC is a vibrant and diverse city, and you should make an effort to roam around before midterms sneak up on you. I can’t wait to show you around! Have an amazing year! (-: