Helping new students find their foundation at Georgetown University.

Cornerstone Participants

Intended for undergraduate students in their first or second semester at Georgetown, Cornerstone participants will be matched with a peer mentor and a small group of other new students for a weekly dinner (paid for by Cornerstone) to build community, talk about challenges and successes of college, and work together to set goals and find a solid foundation at Georgetown.

Cornerstone signups for Spring 2022 is open until Friday January 28 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Click here to sign up. Any questions, please email the Cornerstone team.

Cornerstone Peer Mentors

Cornerstone Peer Mentors are facilitators leading and mentoring first-year and transfer students throughout their Cornerstone experience. Peer Mentors support students in reflecting and discussing their Georgetown experience with a peer group. Peer Mentors also encourage new students through identifying their own individual future goals, challenges, and action steps in a small-group setting.

Applications to be a Peer Mentor are now closed.

Cornerstone Student Coordinator

The Cornerstone Student Coordinator is a high-impact student leadership role who works on the implementation of the Cornerstone program. The Student Coordinator supports the program by managing communication with peer mentors, contributing to the Cornerstone curriculum, assisting in meal logistics, and representing the student voice to on- and off-campus stakeholders.

Applications for Cornerstone Student Coordinator are now closed.

About Cornerstone

General Info

Cornerstone is designed to assist new undergraduate students in their transition to Georgetown by providing opportunities for extended mentoring and small-group connection with peer leaders and other new students. Groups share a meal provided by Cornerstone and participate in an open-ended conversation, facilitated by a peer mentor, highlighting a topics related to college adjustment.

Cornerstone creates a space of reflection, goal-setting, and open conversation about the Georgetown experience and how students can find their footing moving forward.  Whether it’s to make new friends, talk about goals for getting involved, or to connect with a peer mentor, Cornerstone can serve as a launch point for new students looking to take the next step forward in navigating Georgetown.

Cornerstone is supervised by the office of Orientation, Transition, and Family Engagement in the Division of Student Affairs.

Statement of Purpose

The Cornerstone Initiative is a series of weekly discussion groups that provide a space for first-year students to develop the tools to effectively transition to college life. Led by a trained peer mentor, each group will work together to build a community, make meaning out of their experiences and, through reflection and discussion, lay a foundation for their future on the Hilltop.

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