Helping new students find their foundation at Georgetown University.

What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is an experience program for new students intended to provide community, support, and a social foundation to students who are looking to find their footing at Georgetown. Intended to assist undergraduate students in their first or second semester at Georgetown, Cornerstone participants will be paired with a peer mentor and a small group of other new/transfer students for a weekly dinner (paid for by Cornerstone) to build community, talk about challenges and successes of college, and work together to set goals and find a solid foundation at Georgetown.

Cornerstone creates a space of reflection, goal-setting, and open conversation about the Georgetown experience and how students can find their footing moving forward.  Whether it’s to make new friends, talk about goals for getting involved, or to connect with a peer mentor, Cornerstone can serve as a launch point for new students looking to take the next step forward in navigating Georgetown.