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Academic Life

When is the first day of classes?

The first day of classes will be Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Please note that while the first day of classes is in the middle of the week, you will be following Monday's class schedule.


How, when and where do I register for classes?

You will “preregister” for courses over the summer through MyAccess. You will receive more information about course offerings and requirements and detailed preregistration instructions from your Dean’s office by June 26, and you will then have several weeks to complete and submit your preregistration requests. The deadline for submission of preregistration requests is Friday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.


What should I do if I haven't received a NetID?

Follow this link for further instructions.


What should I do if I have trouble with MyAccess?

Try the following troubleshooting tips. If you are still having difficulty, call UIS at 202-687-4949.


  • Clear your browser history by checking all boxes and then close the browser.
  • Follow the instructions here to clear your Java cache
  • Reopen browser and try again
  • If you still encounter problems, we recommend using a different browser

When will I receive my class schedule?

Preregistration results will become available in MyAccess during NSO, and you will also receive a hard copy of your preregistration results/fall schedule at your Dean’s Assembly on Sunday, August 26. You will then have the opportunity to make changes to your schedule, in consultation with your Dean's Office, when live registration opens on Tuesday, August 28.


What is Add/Drop?

During the add/drop period, which runs from Wednesday, August 29 until Friday, September 7, students may add and drop classes online in MyAccess or via paper add/drop form for classes that require permission of instructor. All schedules must be finalized by the end of the add/drop period.  


Whom can I contact with questions about class registration and selection?

Your school's Deans Office, but please wait until you have received your school’s guide to preregistration by June 26 before contacting your assigned dean.


How do I finance out-of-pocket costs (books, living expenses) at Georgetown?

For many students, a portion of their Expected Family Responsibility should go towards assisting students with out-of pocket expenses. However, some students with low Expected Family Responsibilities or large family loans may have the ability to use their financial aid to assist with out-of-pocket expenses. In these circumstances, a student's financial aid will be greater than their direct (i.e. costs on the bill) expenses, and they may request to collect the over-payment of their account as a refund. Financial aid begins disbursing about 1 week before the start of classes. The quickest method of receiving a refund is through direct deposit. Refund requests must be submitted online in MyAccess by navigating to the 'Student Account Menu' and selecting the 'Request Refund' option. Students who request a refund without first having saved an eRefund Profile in Student Account Services will get a paper check mailed to their Local Address. **To find out if you qualify for a refund, log onto MyAccess - Student Account Services to see if your account has a negative (i.e. credit) balance, or contact your financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Services.


My financial aid hasn't been applied to my eStatement, what do I do?

In order for financial aid to be applied to your eStatement you must first make sure that you have accepted your offer in MyAccess. If you were offered a federal loan you will need to complete loan entrance counseling and a master promissory note. You can do so at If you have completed these steps and your funds have not disbursed then check the number of credits for which you are enrolled. If you are not enrolled in 12 or more credits your financial aid may need to be revised before it can be disbursed. In this case contact your OSFS financial aid counselor.


Do students get Labor Day off?

Yes, but there are many events going on all weekend including Georgetown Weeks of Welcome!


I have special physical and/or dietary needs. Who must I contact to make sure these needs are met?

For special academic accommodations please contact the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The ARC provides accommodations for students with disabilities based on documentation from a medical professional. Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis following review of this documentation and a meeting with an Academic Resource Center administrator.


Incoming students are highly encouraged to submit documentation prior to arriving on campus so that they may begin the accommodation process as soon as possible. Review of documentation may take 3 - 4 weeks.


The ARC can be contacted via email:, or by phone: (202)687-8354.


Students with dietary allergies, concerns and restrictions should contact Hoya Hospitality. The Registered Dietitian will be able discuss your concerns and provide insight appropriate guidance.


What is a Certification of Enrollment?

Students may obtain a certified letter from the Registrar’s Office confirming their enrollment at Georgetown. Letters may include Enrollment History, Expected Graduation Date, Degree, Local Address and Current Term Status. This document is often utilized for Insurance purposes, the DMV, Jury Duty or Loan Deferments. Certification Requests take up to two business days to process, and can be mailed, faxed or picked up in person. The Request Form can be found on the Registrar’s office or website. This can be used in place of your Official Transcript during your first semester.


How do I Change/Update my Official Name/ID/SSN?

Please use the Request Form found in the Registrar’s Office or on the website to update your personal information. Since this information is linked to your Academic and Financial Records, proper documentation (i.e. Driver’s License, Marriage or Birth Certificate, Passport, Social Security Card etc…) and original signatures from current students can be honored. Changes can take 5-7 business days to be reflected online. Other Biographic Information can be updated in MyAccess


When should I plan trips home for holidays and breaks?

Before making travel plans consult the academic calendar. Please do not make any end of semester travel plans until you have confirmed your exam schedule with your faculty. Please review the Housing Occupancy Agreement for Residence Hall opening and closing dates.


Living On-Campus

How does on-campus housing work for new students?

All new students will receive a “Welcome to On-campus Housing at Georgetown” email sent to their Georgetown email, after they have paid their deposit.  Please review this email for instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing. All new students will submit a Housing Application through their housing portal called Hoya Housing.

  • First-year housing applications due June 29
  • Transfer housing applications due July 13

When will I find out about housing?

You will receive your housing assignment in early August.


What are laundry facilities like?

Self-service laundry machines are located in all residential areas. Twenty-four loads of laundry are included in your room rate per semester. If you are tired of doing your own laundry or just need to free up some time, Wash Cycle Laundry offers pick-up and drop-off service for both laundry and dry cleaning services. Visit our Sponsorships page for more information.


Is there housekeeping service in the residence halls?

Our housekeeping staff maintains the cleanliness of common areas, but they do not clean individual rooms.


What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?

Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls. Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only.


What is the overnight guest policy?

Overnight guests are allowed with the prior approval of the roommate(s). Should any problems or questions arise, students may contact their residence life staff. Guests are not allowed to sleep in lounges or common areas. Minor guests, between ages 16 and 18, must have parental/guardian permission before arriving on campus. Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted in residence halls unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Can I bring a car to campus?

Undergraduate students are prohibited from parking vehicles on campus and/or on residential streets in Georgetown, Burlieth, and Fox.


Are there ATMs on campus?

There are multiple ATMs located in the Leavey Center, Healy Family Student Center, Walsh Building, Village C West (outside the Department of Public Safety).


Where should I have my mail sent?

Once you have access to your Hoya Housing page in early August, your address and box number will be provided. Here is the general format you should follow. Your box number will change based on your room assignment. Please make sure to update friends and family when your address changes. For USPS packages that require confirmation, please use the signature confirmation service rather than delivery confirmation.


  • Student Name (no nicknames!)
  • Your RHO (e.g.Village C RHO)
  • Housing Assignment (e.g.Harbin Hall 103)
  • Georgetown University
  • 37th and O Streets, NW
  • Washington DC 20057-(last 4 digits of your box number)


  • Student Name (no nicknames!)
  • Your RHO (e.g.Village C RHO)
  • Mailbox #
  • Georgetown University
  • 37th and O Streets, NW
  • Washington DC 20057


When do I find out my mailing address?

You will receive your address when you get your housing assignment. You can also look it up in your Hoya Housing page. For instructions on how to mail a package please review our How to Hilltop page.


How do I set up my computer (or get help setting up) on campus?

University Information Services (UIS) and the MSB Technology Center will be available during NSO to answer your questions and help get you connected to ResNet and the Wireless Network. Check the UIS Student Services website for more information. If you have any questions before you arrive on campus, you can contact the Student Helpdesk at (202) 687-4577 or

MSB Students should contact the MSB Technology Center at (202) 687-4721 or for assistance.


I waived the Student Health Insurance so why does it still appear on the eStatement?

Approval of the insurance waiver will not change any already existing eStatements. To confirm approval of your insurance waiver, please login to Student Account Services. If your waiver has been approved, the 'Amount Due' listed in the 'Current Account Status' will be reduced by the cost of insurance and a reversal of the insurance charge will appear when you select 'View Account Activity'. Please allow sufficient time for the Student Health Insurance Office to review and approve your insurance waiver and follow up with their office if needed. The review process may take 5-10 business days.


I completed a refund profile and have a credit balance on my student account but where is my refund?

In addition to completing a refund profile in Student Account Services, a refund request must be submitted online in MyAccess. The 'Request Refund' option is located under the 'Student Account Menu'.


Can I change my Meal Plan?

Yes, you have until Friday, September 7 to change your Meal Plan. Changes can be made online by logging into your MyAccess account and selecting ‘Meal Plan Change’ under ‘Student Account Menu.’ Meal Plan changes will be reflected immediately on the student account under ‘View Account Activity.’


What are my Meal Plan options?

First and second year students are required to participate in a Meal Plan. There are four different Plan options from which to choose:

  • All Access 7 – Unlimited Meal Swipes 7 days a week | $100 Flex | 5 Guest Swipes
  • Weekly 18 – 18 Meal Swipes a week | $200 Flex | 5 Guest Swipes
  • Weekly 14 – 14 Meal Swipes a week | $75 Flex | 5 Guest Swipes

If no Meal Plan is selected, the All Access 7 will be automatically chosen at the time of housing assignments. For more information on Meal Plan prices, policies and how to sign up, please visit HoyaEats.


When do Meal Plans start for the fall semester?

Meal Plans are active starting for dinner on Saturday, August 25. Meal Swipes get you entry into the Fresh Food Company, our all-you-care-to-eat dining experience. You may also use a Meal Swipe to get select combos from restaurants across campus as a part of the Meal Exchange program.


When does the Fresh Food Company open for the semester?

The Fresh Food Company will open for dinner on Saturday, August 25.


What is Meal Exchange?

Meal Exchanges are similar to combo meals where a combination of food and beverages are offered at a special bundled price. One Meal Exchange= One Meal Swipe. You may use up to 3 Meal Swipes per day in select retail locations for delicious Meal Exchange combos. The Meal Exchange program is included in all Hoya Hospitality Meal Plans. For more info of Meal Exchange, participating locations and menu options, please visit HoyaEats.


What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are funds on your GOCard that you can utilize at various dining and convenience store locations across campus. They are tax exempt so make sure you use them whenever possible to save some money. Your meal plan comes with Flex Dollars already a part of it but if you run low you can always go online and add more to your GOCard at


What religious services are on campus?

  • Catholic
  • Protestant
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Christian Orthodox
  • Hindu
  • Other Faith Traditions

New Student Orientation (NSO)

When does NSO begin?

NSO runs from Saturday, August 26 to Tuesday August 29, 2017. There will be evening programming for those students moving in on Friday, August 25 or who have already moved in to attend Pre-Orientation Programs.


When can I move in?

Friday, August 25. You will be sent an assigned move-in block with you housing assignment in early August.


I'm arriving for NSO alone by train/plane, how do I get to campus?

Go to Traveling To Georgetown for accurate directions. Staff will be at the front gates located at 37th and O Streets NW to direct you to your residence hall.


Is convocation mandatory?

Convocation is mandatory for ALL new students. This includes incoming transfer students.


What is the dress code for NSO? For convocation?

Dress is casual, however, many families attend religious services before convocation, and thus, are dressed accordingly. August weather is hot and humid in Washington, D.C. Please dress appropriately!


I have special dietary needs. Who should I contact to make sure these needs are met during NSO?

When you register for NSO, we ask you to indicate any dietary restrictions or allergies. Please contact if you have additional questions or concerns.


Transfer Students

Are transfer students together with first year students during orientation?

Some NSO events are separate for transfer students and freshmen; however, most programs, including New Student Convocation and Academic Dean's Assemblies, bring both transfer students and freshmen together.


I am a transfer student. What pre-orientation programs am I eligible for?

If you are an international transfer student in F-1 or J-1 status, you must attend International New Student Orientation (I-NSO). Other transfer students can apply for Campaign Bootcamp, FOCI, GOPOP, PEP, and YLEAD.


Can transfer students attend ESCAPE?

Yes, there are a limited number of ESCAPE overnights planned for transfer students. Please for more details.


International Students

What is International New Student Orientation (I-NSO)?

International New Student Orientation, or I-NSO, is a series of information sessions and activities immediately prior to and during NSO designed specifically for international students in F-1 or J-1 status. I-NSO provides important information to international students regarding their immigration status, cultural and academic adjustment, and other aspects of life in the United States that NSO may not directly address. Attendance at I-NSO events is mandatory for all students in F-1 or J-1 status. Registration is automatic for any student with a Form I-20 or Form DS-2019.


When is International New Student Orientation (I-NSO)?

All freshmen and transfers in J-1 and F-1 immigration status will be assigned to move into on-campus housing on the morning of Friday, August 25th. Mandatory I-NSO activities will take place on Friday afternoon before the general New Student Orientation begins.


I'm an international student in F-1/J-1 status, but I want to attend another pre-orientation program. May I?

Yes! While International New Student Orientation (I-NSO) is required for all F-1 and J-1 international students, it takes place after other pre-orientation programs end. All F-1 and J-1 students may enter the United States up to 30 days prior to their program start date, which allows the time to arrive for a pre-orientation program.


I'm a U.S. citizen, but I've always lived abroad. May I attend International New Student Orientation (I-NSO)?

Yes! Registration for U.S. citizens will be available on the I-NSO website starting June 1st.


Are international transfer students required to attend I-NSO?

Yes, all students with F-1 or J-1 status must attend.


Who should I contact if I have questions about I-NSO?

Please email the I-NSO Programming Manager, Stacy Williams, through May 31st and starting June 1st.


Preparing to Arrive at Georgetown

I have a new summer mailing address. How can I make sure that all mail is forwarded?

Contact ASAP!


How do I get the tuition bill and when is payment due?

The Office of Billing & Payment Services does not mail out paper bills. Tuition bills are available online in Student Account Services. Access to eStatements defaults only to  students. However, students can give their parents' authorization to their student account. Payment due dates are listed on the eStatements as well as the Office of Billing & Payment Services website


Can I ship my belongings to campus? Where should I send them?

Yes! Please plan ahead to ensure your packages do not arrive on-campus prior to your check-in date. We do not have space to store packages ahead of your arrival day. Packages that arrive early will be Returned-to-Sender.

  • Student Name (no nicknames!)
  • Your RHO (e.g.Village C RHO)
  • Housing Assignment (e.g.Harbin Hall 103)
  • Georgetown University
  • 37th and O Streets, NW
  • Washington DC 20057-(last 4 digits of your box number)


For Parents and Families

What are the orientation activities for families?

There are scheduled events for families, including a reception with the Vice President of Student Affairs, Religious Services, New Student Convocation, and the Goodbye Lunch.


When do they begin? When do they end?

The first parent events are on Saturday, August 26, 2017. The last parent event is the Goodbye Lunch, on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Parents and families generally say goodbye to their students at the lunch, which end at approximately 2:00 pm.


Where can I stay during New Student Orientation (NSO)?

There are many hotels in the area. Please visit our hotels page for a list of recommended accommodations.


Can parents and family members attend convocation?

Two guest tickets for family members will be provided per student. Ticketed seating will be in the McDonough Gymnasium and will extend to a tent outside where the ceremony will be broadcast. Indoor seating is limited and tickets do not guarantee indoor seating.


When and where do I get convocation tickets?

You will receive convocation tickets when your New Student checks into their housing assignment on Friday. Tickets do not guarantee indoor seating.


Where should we park when moving into campus?

You will receive more information about parking when you receive your housing assignment in early August. For more information, visit the Housing Office website.


What is the dress code?

Dress is casual, however, many families attend religious services before convocation, and thus, are dressed accordingly. August weather is hot and humid in Washington, D.C. Please dress appropriately!


How do we receive tuition bills and when is the tuition payment due date?

The Office of Billing & Payment Services does not mail out paper bills. Students must give their parents' authorization to their student account in order to view eStatements, make payments online, set up payment plans, and view the 1098-T Tax Form.

The payment due date is listed on the eStatement as well as the Office of Billing & Payment Services website


Why haven't I received a tuition bill in the mail and when is payment due?

Parents and families can view the bill online directly in Student Account Services if they have been given authorization by a student. The Office of Billing & Payment Services does not mail tuition bills. Please visit their website for specific billing and payment due dates.