Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW)

What is GWOW?

Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW) takes place over the first six weeks of the fall semester and involves large-scale programming to welcome new students, returning students, faculty, and staff back to campus for the new academic year.

This transition period provides a valuable opportunity for the building of the Georgetown community by bringing together everyone on campus. It is a time to encourage student involvement, boost school spirit, and create life-long memories on the Hilltop. It integrates multicultural and international themes with the Jesuit ideals of community and diversity. It provides free or significantly reduced-priced activities and food for students, making meals and entertainment easily accessible while both new and returning students adjust to being back on campus.

GWOW invites everyone to embrace the new school year with energy and excitement. Despite the impending return to new academic challenges, we strive to remind our community of the importance of integrating fun into the Georgetown experience.

GWOW's 2018 calendar of events can be found below.  The 2019 signature events will be posted in June 2019. 

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2018 Calendar:

GWOW 2018 Calendar

Mission of GWOW

Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW) aims to immerse new and returning students in the unique and multifaceted culture of Georgetown during the first six weeks of the academic year. Students will interact with Georgetown’s diverse student body and faculty by participating in co-curricular programs, events, and activities that support their academic and personal development.

Hoya Saxa!