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Congratulations! Your admission into Georgetown University is a testament to your personal and academic accomplishments. You have chosen an institution that values and supports your individual contributions. We want to empower you in and out of the classroom to make a positive impact in the lives of others while reaching your highest potential.

Our team is eager to welcome you to New Student Orientation (NSO) this summer. During your NSO experience, you will explore new ideas and concepts. Learn how to get involved. Explore ways of making a difference in your collegiate experience. Maybe even discover a new passion. Above all we hope that you will have fun and make friends that last a lifetime.

As you prepare to make the transition to Georgetown, make sure to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. In addition to this website, take some time to read the New Student Welcome Packet we’ll mail you this summer, consider attending a Pre-Orientation Program, and explore the opportunities found in our partner offices. Also, stay on the lookout for an email from your Orientation Advisor (OA) in early August.

If at any point you have a question, please let us know either by e-mailing or by calling (202) 687-3906. We look forward to personally welcoming you to the hilltop shortly.

Hoya Saxa!

Office of Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement

Mission Statement

Georgetown University New Student Orientation (NSO) lays the foundation for students to flourish academically, engage socially, and grow personally during and beyond their time on the Hilltop. We aim to connect new Hoyas and their families to Georgetown’s community and resources by facilitating open dialogue, ongoing mentorship, and an inclusive environment that is reflective of our Jesuit beliefs and values.

Program Goals

We have designed New Student Orientation (NSO) with four outcomes in mind:

  • For students and families to be aware of the Jesuit, academic, cultural and social expectations of living within the Georgetown community
  • For students and families to understand and navigate the variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities on the Hilltop
  • For students and families to establish fruitful relationships and build strong connections at Georgetown
  • For students and families to feel prepared for the students’ life as a Hoya