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Cornerstone Spring 2019
Are you a new student interested in signing up to participate in the Cornerstone Program?  Click here to sign up!  All new students are welcome - no interview, resume, or selection process needed.  The deadline to sign up is February 9, 2019 at 11:59pm (Eastern time).

Mentor Sign-Ups
Are you interested in supporting and mentor new students?  Passionate about building community and facilitating conversation?  Sign-up to be a Cornerstone mentor!  Mentor applications are due January 21, 2019 at 11:59pm.  

General Info

Cornerstone is designed to assist new students in their transition to Georgetown by providing opportunities for extended mentoring and small-group connection with peer leaders and other new students. Through Cornerstone, new students are assigned in small groups (8-10 students per group) to a peer mentor. Groups meet weekly for 75 minutes during which they share a meal and participate in an open-ended conversation, facilitated by the peer leader, highlighting a topic related to college adjustment.  Cornerstone begins mid-semester, and is designed to last for six weeks.

Cornerstone is open to any interested students in their first semester at Georgetown - no application or interview required.  Cornerstone creates a space of reflection, goal-setting, and open conversation about the Georgetown experience and how students can find their footing moving forward.  Whether it's to make new friends, talk about goals for getting involved, or to connect with a peer mentor, Cornerstone can serve as a launch point for new students looking to take the next step forward in navigating Georgetown. 

Each meet-up will include time for open-ended discussion about topics that the students are interested in talking about, as well as a faciliated conversation about a topic related to college transition.  Dinner discussion topics may include topics such as: goal-setting, relationships and friendships, campus involvement, family, technology, and finding your place.  

Cornerstone is supervised by the office of Orientation, Transition, and Family Engagement in the Division of Student Affairs. 

Statement of Purpose

The Cornerstone Initiative is a series of weekly discussion groups that provide a space for first-year students to develop the tools to effectively transition to college life. Led by a trained peer mentor, each group will work together to build a community, make meaning out of their experiences and, through reflection and discussion, lay a foundation for their future on the Hilltop.


Students will be able to sign up for Cornerstone from January 6, 2019, through February 8, 2019.  Once sign-ups are complete, students will be assigned to a peer mentor and their respective small group based on meet-up time availability.  Students will meet at the same time each week for 6 weeks and share a meal provided by Cornerstone, which partipating in a conversation on various topics related to college life and transition.  Peer mentors will be there to ask guiding questions, facilitate conversaiton, supportively listen, and to encourage student goal-setting and exploration. 


Date Event
1/6/19 Participant Registration Form Opens
2/8/19 Participant Registration Form closes
2/19/19 - 2/21/19 Meeting 1
2/26/19 - 2/28/19 Meeting 2
3/12/19 - 3/14/19 Meeting 3
3/19/19 - 3/21/19 Meeting 4
3/26/19 - 3/28/19 Meeting 5
4/2/19 - 4/4/19 Meeting 6 (Final Meeting