Welcome Book and Checklist

Welcome to Georgetown!  The Welcome Book serves as your master checklist for tasks and action items to complete over the summer before beginning your Georgetown journey in August.  The checklist enclosed is organized by due date, with corresponding page numbers you can turn to for more information.  New students will receive a hard copy in the mail over the summer, and will be released once the university has made final decisions on the status, format, and path forward for the Fall 2020 Semester.

If you have any questions about navigating this guide or need help with where to look next, please contact nso@georgetown.edu, or call 202-687-3906, and the Orientation team would be glad to assist you. 

Digital copy coming soon!

A digital copy of the Welcome Book and Checklist will be posted here later this summer to align with the university’s plan for Fall 2020. Check back later for more information!