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The GOCard is an 'all-in-one' ID card that streamlines and simplifies daily campus life. At Georgetown it's the only card you'll need!

  • Access card
  • On- and off-campus debit card
  • Dining Plan card
  • Flex Dollar card
  • Student Advantage Discount card
  • Bank (PNC) card
  • Official identification card
  • Laundry card
  • Printing card
  • Copy card
  • Parking card
  • Departmental account card

Students are expected to carry their GOCard on campus as a means of identification and must present it when requested by University personnel. The replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged card is $25. 

New students must submit a photo by July 27. 


Submit Before July 27!

  1. Upload photo for your GOCard - https://gu360-idp.secure.force.com/gocardphoto/
  2. Ensure your permanent address is up to date - https://myaccess.georgetown.edu
  3. GOCard will be mailed to your home address
  4. Activate your card online - https://onlinecardoffice.georgetown.edu 
  5. Bring your GOCard to campus - No GOCard - No Room Key! 

Here are some examples of our photo requirements:

GOCard Photo Requirements

Depositing Funds Online

1. Visit our web-site at gocard.georgetown.edu
2. Select the Quick link “Add money"
3. Log in with your NetID and password or use the Your Account -> Make a Deposit option