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The GOCard is the official identification card of Georgetown University, and much more!

It's the way to pay for your purchases on and off campus. The GOCard simplifies campus life.

Use your GOCard to buy books, food, supplies, purchase event tickets, entry into the dining hall and even do your laundry. Your GOCard will also allow you access into academic buildings and residence halls. At Georgetown, it's the only card you'll need! The GOCard is an 'all-in-one'; ID card that streamlines and simplifies daily campus life. Students are expected to carry their GOCard on campus as a means of identification and must present it when requested by University personnel. Issued to each registered student free of charge, the GOCard is used to permit access to residence halls, libraries and other secured buildings on all four campuses, as well as free transportation on the GUTS buses. The GOCard also functions as a debit card by adding money through the Online Card Office (GOCard.georgetown.edu), Deposit Stations or Student Account Refunds. The GOCard is the preferred method of payment for the purchase of goods and services at the University bookstores, vending machines, copy machines, laundry machines, food establishments, and other businesses that are on and off campus. Additionally, the GOCard is linked to meal plans, Flex Dollar account, library circulation, and the usage of athletic facilities. The replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged card is $25.


Submit by December 10th!

  1. Attach photo in .jpg-format to an email and send to: GOCardphoto@Georgetown.edu by December 10, 2017. 
  2. In the body of the email include your full name, NetID or assigned UID#, and Program name.
  3. To sign up online for Student Advantage, please visit: studentadvantage.com/georgetown (optional)

Here are some examples of our photo requirements:

GOCard Photo Requirements

Depositing Funds Online

1. Visit our web-site at gocard.georgetown.edu
2. Select the Quick link “Add money"
3. Select the right (Sign-In) side if you have the NetID and password. If the NetID and password is not available, please select use the middle section  (Deposit to GOCard with Credit card)). You must have the UID# (located on the GOCard, beginning with #8). Please make sure you use the address your credit card statement is mailed to.