New Student Checklist

The New Student Checklist contains important information about NSO, Immunizations, Advising, Registration, Housing, Pre-Orientation Programs, and more. Be sure to carefully read and complete required items on the checklist by the prescribed dates in order to ensure a smooth transition to Georgetown.

Once you receive your NetID and Georgetown email account, be sure to check it frequently. The academic dean's, registrar, and NSO staff will send email updates periodically throughout the summer to highlight important programs and remind you about upcoming deadlines. Georgetown will only correspond with your email address.



 Carefully read the New Student Welcome Packet and familiarize yourself with important dates and deadlines

  Register for NSO. If you do not register, you will not be entered into the lottery for tickets in McDonough for Convocation.

Strongly Recommended

  Read Preparing for Georgetown, eight e-newsletters with important updates and useful information, sent to you every 2 weeks throughout the summer

  Book your hotel room for Parent & Family Orientation (Saturday, August 26 - Sunday, August 27) with one of our partner hotels

  Explore college, major, and core curriculum requirements through your academic dean's office

  Favorite the Orientation website for important updates throughout the summer 

  Obtain and begin reading the Marino Workshop Book from a bookstore or your local Library.


  Apply to a Living and Learning Community (LLC) 

  • By May 31 for First Years

  Consider attending Georgetown Summer School and complete the appropriate paperwork

  • Students interested in the first session should do so by May 23
  • Students interested in the second session should do so by June  27

 Follow NSO on Twitter and Facebook

 Meet other Hoyas through your Georgetown Class Facebook Group

  Apply to perform in the Convocation Choir or Orchestra by June 10 by filling out the performing arts interest form. Participation allows for early move-in for rehearsals. 


  Submit your Immunization Form to the Student Health Center by June 15

  Complete the Residential Living Preference Questionnaire (check back in June for the application link)

  • By June 30 for First Years
  • By July 7 for Transfers
Strongly Recommended

  Complete the CHARMS Roommate Process by June 30 (Only First Year Students)

  Submit a Residency Exemption application, through Hoya Housing, by June 23, if meet the requirements to live off campus. (Only First Year Student)

  Authorize a parent or other third party to receive notifications of new billing statements, view the bill, make payments, and view the Tax Form 1098-T through MyAccess by June 20

Review Student Billing Information

  Review the billing statement online after June 21

  Submit documentation of third party sponsorship (if applicable) 

  Establish a refund profile for direct deposit of overpayments 


  Apply to a Living and Learning Community (LLC) 

  • By June 28 for Transfers

  Apply to a Georgetown Pre-Orientation Program by June 14

  Review PreRegistration Data from your Deans. MyAccess is open starting at 12 AM on June 26.


  Preregister for your Fall 2017 courses in MyAccess by July 22

  Review Preregistration materials mailed to you by your dean's office

  Waive or Accept the Student Health Insurance in MyAccess and add dependents (optional) to avoid late fees starting July 1 to ensure the student bill reflects the correct balance

  Submit a photo for your GOCard by August 1

  Complete your Marino Workshop Reflective Paper. Papers are due August 1st by midnight.


  Learn about different student groups and get involved even before you step on campus through Hoyalink


  Read the critically aclaimed novel The Hired Man by the current Georgetown Lannan Foundation Visiting Chair, Aminatta Forna,  and submit your Marino Workshop assignment by August 1 (First-Year students only)

  Submit a photo for your GOCard by August 1

  Submit your Marino Workshop Reflective Paper by midnight, August 1st.

  Make sure you are registered for NSO by August 14

 Pay tuition bill in full or enroll in a payment plan by the due date August 25

  Sign up for HOYAlert by August 25

  Pick-up your Convocation Robe from the University Bookstore by August 26

Strongly Recommended

  Add the Georgetown University Police Department phone number (202.687.4343) to your cell phone

  Familiarize yourself with Georgetown's Ethos Statement and Student Code of Conduct

  For move-in, label all of your boxes with your name, building, and room number (more information about move-in procedures)

  Complete/print your I-9 and bring original documents if you are interested in finding a job on campus this semester


  Pay attention to your account for an email from your OA (Orientation Advisor)

  Contact your roommate to discuss expectations and decide who is bringing what amenities

  Create a communication plan and discuss expectations with your parents, family, and friends

  Think about the best dining plan for you and make your selection by going to

  With the help of your parents/family/significant other, create a monthly budget