The Office of Billing & Payment Services

White-Gravenor Building, Lower Level
Tel: (202) 687-7100
Fax: (202) 687-1133

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The Office of Billing and Payment Services hours of operation are 9:00 am through 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Students and parents are able to review bills and account activity, as well as make payments, online via Student Account Services. Students access Student Account Services via MyAccess; parents or other authorized users access the site directly once authorized to use the site by the student. When contacting the Office of Billing and Payment Services with questions or concerns by telephone, fax or email, the student UID number must be provided.

Important Dates

  • June 19 - Fall 2018 bill is available through Student Account Services
  • August 24 - Payment due date for Fall 2018
  • August 31 - First monthly service charge
  • September 7 - Fall 2018 Add/Drop Ends
  • September 10 - Non-payment fee assessed to unpaid accounts
  • October 31 - Financial Holds, preventing registration, applied to unpaid accounts
  • November 13 - Spring 2019 bill available through Student Account Services
  • January 8 - Payment due date for Spring 2019
  • January 18 - Spring 2019 Add/Drop Ends
  • January 22 - Non-payment fee assessed to unpaid accounts
  • January 31 - First monthly service charge
  • March 29 - Financial Holds, preventing registration, applied to unpaid accounts

Financial Checklist

Please be sure to complete the following items before arriving on campus. Most items on this list may only be completed by students, as required by the 1974 FERPA law.

  • Review your billing statement in its entirety via Student Account Services.
  • Establish one or more authorized users of Student Account Services.
  • Waive or accept the student health insurance, using the surveys under the Personal tab in MyAccess.
  • Establish an electronic refund profile, for direct deposit of overpayments to your account via Student Account Services. A refund request should be submitted online in addition to establishing an electronic refund profile to obtain a refund.
  • Email any contract or other sponsorship documentation to
  • Students are enrolled in All Access 7 Meal Plan by default. They may switch to the All Access 5 Plan, 18 meal/week plan, or 14 meal/week plan. All freshmen and sophomores must be enrolled in a meal plan. View our descriptions of meal plan options and policies at

For information on how to complete these items, please visit our site.

Your Student Bill

You should expect the following charges on your Fall 2018 billing statement:

  • Tuition - Undergraduates are assessed tuition at the full-time rate
  • Yates Field House (Gym) - charged each semester; mandatory for all full-time students.
  • Housing (Room) - charged each semester that you are live in University housing. Detailed housing related information can be found on the Housing website.
  • Board (Meals) - charged each semester you are enrolled in a meal plan.
  • Student Activities Fee - charged each semester
  • Records Fee - assessed only once, covers all lifetime transcript and certification requests
  • Orientation Fee - mandatory charge for orientation activities; assessed only once
  • Student Health Insurance - charged yearly in the Fall semester, may be waived (see above). Insurance coverage information is available on the Student Health Insurance website at
  • Lab Fees - charged based on the course (may not be reflected until you are registered)
  • For more information, including rates, please visit Student Accounts website.

Payment Options

The Office of Billing and Payment Services offers five options for payment. Payment in full can be any combination of the following:

Mailed payments should be sent to the address below with the student name and student UID number listed for reference.

Georgetown University
Office of Billing and Payment Services
White Gravenor, Lower Level
3700 O Street, NW
Washington, DC 20057

Checks should be made payable to Georgetown University. 

Penalties and Past Due Accounts

Failure to pay, or make adequate payment arrangements, by a due date authorizes Georgetown to assess penalties and service charges to your student account. Service charges are assessed on a monthly basis equal to 1.75% of the overdue amount. Furthermore, students with an outstanding account balance (for any reason) may be prevented from registering for subsequent semesters by application of a financial hold.

If for any reason you leave the University (e.g. withdrawal, leave of absence, transfer) and there is an unpaid balance on your account, a final billing notice will be provided, and if unpaid, will result in the referral of your account to a collection agency.

Read more about our policies and procedures.

For information on how to complete these items, please see the department's Frequently Asked Questions page.