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Between May 15 - August 15, you will receive weekly updates from Georgetown New Student Orientation (NSO) and other campus partners in the form of newsletters sent to your Georgetown email address.  Each newsletter will focus on relevant action items and introduce resources to contribute to a smooth transition to the Hilltop.  Make sure to check your Georgetown email weekly to stay up-to-date!

Please email the New Student Orientation team at nso@georgetown.edu with any questions about these newsletters. 

Newsletter Archive | Fall 2019

Listed below is an archive of the newsletters sent to prepare students who are arriving in Fall 2019.  

Newsletter 1 - Welcome to Georgetown! 

Newsletter 2 - Registration for New Student Orientation

Newsletter 3 - Pre-Orientation Programs and First-Year Experiences

Newsletter 4 - A Note From Your Dean
(New students should have received a note via mail or e-mail from their academic dean's office)

Newsletter 5 - The Marino Workshop