Picture of GWOW Staff


Two coordinators work with the Director to select and train the GWOW staff and plan, coordinate and budget for GWOW signature and co-sponsored events, and help facilitate the transition of new and returning students during the fall semester. To be a coordinator, there is an application process and individual interview. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students. While prior GWOW staff experience is encouraged, it is not necessary if an applicant has strong programming experience. Applicants cannot have plans to study abroad for the duration of their GWOW position, if offered.

Coordinator applications normally appear mid-October and are due at the end of October. Individual interviews are conducted in November, and applicants receive a decision by the end of November. Applicants cannot have plans to study abroad in the spring semester or during the summer before GWOW.

Coordinators must attend a retreat the fall to transition into their new roles. Additionally, Coordinators must be at a one-hour weekly staff meetings and commit their time to tasks throughout the fall and spring semesters, including hiring and training the incoming staff. All coordinators will be housed on campus during the summer and are expected to work part-time in the GWOW office in June and July. These two months ramp up to August and September, where all five coordinators are dedicated to GWOW.

Welcome Ambassadors (WAs)

There are approximately 20 Welcome Ambassadors (WAs) who are responsible for a host of activities in their efforts to make GWOW's signature events as great as possible for all Hoyas. WAs engages new and returning students with Georgetown during the transitional period at the start of the academic year. By joining one of the three inclusive GWOW committees - Planning & Logistics, Media & Promotions, and Fundraising & Outreach - a Welcome Ambassador will gain valuable skills and experience while enriching the Georgetown community. We believe all students have a right to these co-curricular experiences. To be an WA, there is both an application process and a group interview. Any full-time undergraduate student can apply to be an WA.

WA applications normally appear early February and are due early-March. Group interviews typically take place in March, and applicants usually receive a decision by the end of March. Applicants who are abroad during the Spring semester may still apply, but may be asked to turn in an extended application or have a phone or online video conference interview. WAs are required to be at two mandatory training and orientation meetings. (If an WA is abroad Spring semester, individual communication will occur about expectations to make this up.)