Living Learning Communities

Students on the Hilltop have the opportunity to connect their academic and residential experiences by joining a Living Learning Community (LLC).

Although each LLC has its different and specific focus, all share the purpose of enabling students to integrate their living and learning, enhance their educational experience, and take responsibility for the quality of their home environment.

Students in Living Learning Communities collaborate among themselves, with faculty and staff—and particularly with Residence Life—to plan creative ways to make that integration come alive.

The description for each LLC follows. Some communities deliberately include members from across the university campus, first-years through seniors and transfer students. Others are particularly designed for first-year students only. Whatever your interests or major may be, you may find participating in one of these programs a rewarding campus experience.

Apply for a Living Learning Community!

  • Applications for First Year Students due: May 30
  • Applications for Transfer Students due: July 5

*Late submissions will be considered if spaces are available

Living Well

Living Well community members are a diverse group of students who desire to live a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle and look to share these values with other like-minded individuals. All students commit to living free from abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other mind-altering substances both on and off campus. Campus resources made readily available to the Living Well community include Health Education, Leo’s Nutritionist, Yates Recreation Center, and Campus Ministry. Past programs include study breaks with massages, fitness planning with yoga and meditation, trips to local farmer’s markets, healthy cooking tutorials, and community service trips. For more information about Living Well, please contact Professor Joan Riley, Advisor and Faculty-in- Residence and Honey Bashir, Community Director for Reynolds and Kennedy Halls.

Justice and Diversity in Action

The Justice and Diversity Action (JDA) community includes all class years. So if you are an incoming First-Year student, a Transfer Student, or an International Exchange student, who is passionate about some issue of social justice or building respect for diversity in all its forms—or if you want to live with and learn from students who are—JDA members hope you will apply. The JDA Community is most eager to welcome you and help you feel at home from day one, on the fourth floor of McCarthy Hall. JDA is open to all class years. For more information, please contact Professor Marilyn McMorrow, Advisor and Faculty-in-Residence and Danielle Melidona, Advisor and Community Director for McCarthy Hall.

Transfer Community

For transfers seeking the close community feel of first-year residence halls, this LLC provides such an environment for transfer students. Recognizing the diverse experience the transfer cohort brings from their prior institutions, yet also the shared experience of entering Georgetown as sophomores and juniors, the Transfer LLC will cultivate a fun, active, intentional community, including mentorship, programs, and sometimes pancakes. 

Three former transfer students will be considered "ambassadors" for the community. Their roles will be that of fellow journeyers, having been through the transition already and available to offer advice, support, insight, and companionship. The ambassadors will support the work of the RA and the faculty advisor. All students, new and returning, will work together to shape the vision for the community. For more information, please contact Dean Tad Howard, Faculty Advisor, and Danielle Melidona, Advisor and Community Director of McCarthy Hall.

Culture and Performance

The Culture and Performance Living Learning Community (CPLLC) is a vibrant, diverse, and friendly community in Reynolds Hall, united by a common interest in the arts and culture, very broadly understood. Most importantly, the CPLLC is not just for performers and artists! Student interests have included languages, international culture, writing, theater, music, dance, film, painting, photography, food, and magic. CPLLC activities have included attending theatrical, musical, and dance performances both on campus and off- campus (i.e. the Kennedy Center and the Shakespeare Theatre) for little to no cost; participating in a photo contest; kayaking; viewing foreign and American films; cooking and eating international food with faculty; watching residents perform; and visiting the United States Naval Observatory. CPLLC is open to all class years. For more information, please contact Professor Guy Spielmann, Advisor and Faculty-in-Residence and and Honey Bashir, Advisor and Community Director for Reynolds and Kennedy Halls.

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (E-SHIP LLC)

The Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (E-Ship LLC) will offer incoming first-year students an exciting and unique opportunity to live, learn, and participate in events that have an entrepreneurship focus. Students will have increased faculty and staff interaction and have access to entrepreneurship related speakers and events. Students in this LLC interact with peers who share similar creative drive and entrepreneurial ambition. In addition, first-year students will live together in a supportive academic environment making it easier for students to form study groups for business-related courses (e.g., MATH 035 or ACCT 101). The E-Ship LLC is open to students of all schools and will be housed in Village C West. Each room is double occupancy with a private bathroom.

The E-Ship LLC will host a variety of activities through the fall and spring semester. These include business tours in the Washington, D.C. area to entrepreneurs/start-ups, dinners with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and cultural events, career and study skills workshops, and much more. In addition, students in the E-Ship LLC will work on an on-going learning project. This community is open to first year students. For more information please contact Deb Coburn, Advisor and Kenny Steelman, Advisor and Community Director for Village C West.

Explore D.C.

There is an amazing community outside of Georgetown University in the city of Washington, D.C. This living learning community provides first year residents with the opportunity to participate in a variety of events that will expose them to all of the wonderful and exciting things that make up our nation’s capital. This is an opportunity to explore the various neighborhoods of D.C., learn about different career opportunities, and to make invaluable connections during your time spent at Georgetown, and the years beyond. Residents will also be able to directly connect with professionals throughout the city. This will truly be a year to remember! Explore DC is open to first year students. For more information, please contact Joelle Tolifero,  Advisor and Community Director for Darnall Hall.

Muslim Interest Living Community

The Muslim Interest Living Community (MILC) is designed to create a strong support group for Muslims and non-Muslims who want to be steadfast in prayer and in their commitment to campus building and cooperation.

The goal in MILC is to strive to create a strongly supportive living environment for Muslims and non-Muslims. We aim to build a cohesive family that gets to build understanding between one another and be of service to the greater campus community. MILC selects students that have shown an inclination for activism and community improvement.

MILC is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. For more information, please contact Imam Yahya Hendi, Advisor, and Eileen Rodriguez, Advisor and Community Director for Alumni Square and Townhouses.

Global Living Community

The Global Living Community (GLC) is an intercultural living learning environment for twenty two Georgetown undergraduate students, both international and U.S. citizens. The primary goal of the GLC is to create a community in which intercultural understanding extends beyond the class- room into daily student life. GLC is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. For more information, visit the GLC website or contact Stacy Williams, Advisor and Quintin Veasley, Advisor and Community Director for Pedro Arrupe S.J. Hall.


Bayit is a community dedicated to the exploration of Judaism, Jewish identity, and Israeli issues. It is open to any student seeking to engage in these topics at a deeper level. Bayit will host events including discussions with professors, holiday celebrations, and kosher meals throughout the year. Residents of Bayit will also provide interested students with a kosher kitchen. Bayit is a residential hub for Jewish student activity on campus, and promises a rewarding and meaningful experience for its members.

Bayit is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. For more information please contact Ronit Zemel, and Eileen Rodriguez, Advisor and Community Director for Henle Village.

French Door

You've been to Paris and you loved it? You're studying French and you would like to have more opportunities to practice, speak, and interact? If this sounds familiar, then the French Floor is for you!

This Living and Learning Community will provide you with francophone activities and events to help you perfect your French skills. You will get to know students who share your passion for the French language. You will live and spend time with French exchange students. Living on the French Floor will be a culturally and linguistically rich experience!

Outings will include dinners at French restaurants and tours at the French Embassy. If you are planning on studying abroad in France or a francophone country, living on the French floor will provide you with an with an avant-goût of it!

This French floor is the first language floor to exist on campus and we are very excited to see it grow and turn language learning into a whole new experience!  This community is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

For more information, please contact the French Floor Faculty Director, Professor Boutheina Bridaa, Advisor, and Quintin Veasley, Advisor and Community Director for Pedro Arrupe S.J. Hall.