2015 Newsletters

Throughout the Summer you will receive a series of online newsletters that contain relevant, important information and topics that will help you get prepared for the Hilltop.

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August 21, 2015 Newsletter


Seeking small first year classes? Check out gateway seminars and studio courses in the Department of Performing Arts! We have preserved slots for new students in Cross-Cultural Performance Studies (TPST-105), Intro Recording Arts (MUSC-250-01 & -02), Art of Choreography (DANC 200), and Principles of Theatrical Design (TPST-170), among others. Visit our New Students page to find data on these courses and more! 

Come and learn more about our Majors, Minors, and our many performance ensembles (and theater auditions!) at our Open House on Tuesday, September 1st, from 2:30-4:00 p.m. in the Davis Center Lobby!

We are the Georgetown University Student Association, and since 1984 our mission has been to serve students on the Hilltop as they pursue theirs. We’re recognized as the official voice of students to the university administration and the greater community, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We believe that students have a right and a responsibility to play a role in the governance of Georgetown. To this end, we are a democratic student government that works to resolve common student problems, advocate for the inclusion of students in university processes, and make student life at Georgetown the best it can be.

Get ready for six weeks filled with opportunities to engage with every aspect of life on the Hilltop! GWOW is here to make the transition to Georgetown as easy and fun as possible. You will be able to interact with the student body and faculty through activities, programs and events that encourage and support your academic and personal development. Be sure to check out all of our events in your schedule books and through our Facebook page (Facebook.com/weeksofwelcome). We are so excited to welcome you to Georgetown!

Public service is a good thing.  Politics can be too.  The Institute of Politics and Public Service is a new center at Georgetown that connects students with public servants to figure out how.  Founded as part of Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, but open to the entire university community, the IPPS focuses on the real world of politics, bringing top figures from politics, government and media to campus for student-driven conversations on how to do it better – not just to help prepare the next generation of political leadership, but to learn from students how to be better leaders themselves.

August 7, 2015 Newsletter


This fall,  The Department of Performing Arts is offering a wide variety of courses to fulfill Humanities: Arts, Literature and Cultures (HALC) requirements, gateway courses to set you on the path towards a Major or Minor in the department, and many ensembles which also offer course credits in addition to the creativity and camaraderie at the heart of our thriving performing arts community here at Georgetown. We invite you to peruse courses with slots set aside for New Students on our website, here. 
We hope to see you at our OPEN HOUSE from 2:30-4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 1st in the Davis Center Lobby!

The Office of Residential Living staff would like to welcome you to our residential community. Whether you are a prospective or new student, you will find information about the first-year housing experience here.

Admitted first-year students will receive an email to their Georgetown account in early May with information about the on-campus housing process.

Welcome to Georgetown University! University Information Services (UIS) provides students, faculty, and staff with the technology tools and support services needed to accomplish your learning and research goals.

Georgetown strives to facilitate a seamless, anytime, anywhere, any device connected learning, living, and research experience for students. Below are some of services and tools available to you. You can find out more about technology at Georgetown on UIS’s website.

We value your feedback about technology at Georgetown and invite you to share your ideas via Georgetown Ideas, the University’s digital idea sharing site. If you’d like to get involved in shaping technology at Georgetown – I invite you to join the Student Tech Advisory Board. If you’re interested in the Student Tech Advisory Board, please email me at officeofthecio@georgetown.edu.

Looking forward to welcoming you to The Hilltop!

July 24, 2015 Newsletter


The Cawley Career Education Center serves degree-seeking undergraduate and many graduate students at Georgetown University. Learn what the Career Education Center offers to help through all aspects of the career development process, including in-person appointments, career fairs, workshops, events, and more.

Dining at Georgetown is much more than three meals a day and a GOCard swipe. We are a full service, all-you-care-to-eat dining operation that strives to be an active and engaged part of the Georgetown experience.

Georgetown University is committed to addressing critical sustainability challenges in our local and global communities. Through approaches that reflect our Jesuit heritage, our core mission of creating knowledge and our commitment to justice and common good, we seek to foster a deeper understanding and spur action on the issues.

The University is pursuing broad-based, practical approaches to sustainability, including an ambitious commitment to cut our carbon footprint in half by 2020. On campus, we are implementing real-world sustainability solutions, using the campus as a living laboratory and developing a long-term sustainability strategy to guide our work.

As the primary recreation facility for Georgetown University, the Yates Memorial Field House offers comprehensive recreational programming to serve the needs of university students, faculty and staff.

Membership plans are also available for local members of the Georgetown community and beyond.  Featuring facilities and programming that few local gyms and fitness centers can match, Yates Field House is the ideal fitness facility for local residents and families.

To learn more about Yates Field House and our diverse opportunities for fitness, recreation and well-being, please browse our website or call our Main Office at (202) 687-2400 for more information and to arrange a tour!

July 10, 2015 Newsletter


Vision: Leading Change. Driving Impact.

Mission: The Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation exists to inspire and prepare students, faculty and global leaders with the necessary skills to generate and innovate solution-based social change both locally and internationally. It will promote collaborative spaces for fostering innovation and provide experiential opportunities to pragmatically impact the social sector.

Georgetown’s campus ministers continue a centuries-old tradition of providing pastoral care for students, faculty, and staff. As the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit University, Georgetown lives out John Carroll’s legacy by calling all members of the university community — regardless of religious tradition — to integrate their faith and learning, and to share their gifts with all of the world, especially the materially poor and the marginalized.

Central to this mission is the primary mandate to help each community member to develop his or her unique faith life through worship, reflection, and service, a goal that is manifested in our ongoing commitment to promote ecumenical and inter-religious understanding. Through these practices, we commit ourselves to foster understanding and respect between and among the various religious traditions embraced by members of our community and to seek justice and peace in our community and world.

The Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service (CSJ) opened its doors in January 2001. The Center has a mission that is simple to state, but far-reaching in its implications:

In order to advance justice and the common good, CSJ promotes and integrates community-based research, teaching and service by collaborating with diverse partners and communities.

CSJ is guided by that mission as it strives to consolidate and develop work in its three key areas: community and public service, curriculum and pedagogy, and research. First, the Center incorporates and builds on decades of vibrant student direct service and social action, and the learning those foster, whether from tutoring and mentoring or educating and organizing. Second, CSJ promotes and helps develop curricular offerings that incorporate social justice issues; through Community-Based Learning and the 4th Credit Option for Social Action, students and faculty incorporate social justice themes and pedagogical practices into their courses and community work. Third, CSJ serves as a catalyst for community-based research, providing research opportunities for faculty and students to work in partnership with communities in the District and beyond, in order to develop the assets within the communities and to access additional needed resources in a mutually beneficial way. Through such critical and engaged work, Georgetown builds on its tradition of academic excellence and contributes in singular ways to the Jesuit ideal of justice education and action.

The Student Advocacy Office was created in fall of 2011 as an office that is housed in the Executive branch of the Georgetown University Students Association. It serves as a resource to students by:

-Helping students understand the Student Code of Conduct and navigate the university disciplinary system
-Educating students about the rights afforded to them by the Student Code of Conduct and Georgetown University 
-Advocating for changes to the Student Code of Conduct, ensuring that individual rights are protected

The Student Advocacy Office holds regular Office Hours in the GUSA Office, located in Sellinger Lounge in Leavey Center. Come visit us during our office hours Monday – Friday from 1-5pm.

June 26, 2015 Newsletter


Georgetown’s vibrant Department of Performing Arts features myriad curricular, artistic and interdisciplinary opportunities open to any and all first year students! Examples include gateway courses for the College’s undergraduate degree programs in American Musical Culture and Theater & Performance Studies; dozens of curricular and co-curricular performing groups and ensembles in Music, Theater, and Dance; a home season in the Davis Performing Arts Center; and  courses that fulfill Humanities: Arts, Literatures and Cultures (HALC) requirements in the Gen Ed. For more information about DPA's great courses  with slots reserved for new students or early fall auditions, go to https://performingarts.georgetown.edu/newstudents. Also be sure to join DPA for its OPEN HOUSE, Tuesday, September 1st!

The Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (commonly known as GERMS) is a student-run, volunteer emergency ambulance service available to Georgetown University and the surrounding community, including the main campus and the neighborhoods of West Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall. GERMS ambulances are equipped to offer basic life support services, including early defibrillation via AED, with advanced life support assistance available from DC Fire & EMS. GERMS handles approximately one thousand calls per year, including car accidents, heart attacks, head and spinal injuries, and other medical emergencies.

In addition to serving the Georgetown University Main Campus Community, GERMS members also participate in stand-by medical coverage for events around the DC area such as concerts and athletic events. At the request of the DC Office of Emergency Health and Medical Services, GERMS members staffed the 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2013 Inaugurations of Presidents Bush and Obama. In September of 2005, GERMS participated in two hundred and forty hours of direct volunteer service in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina when the District of Columbia welcomed more than four hundred people to stay at the DC Armory.

Office Telephone:
(202) 687-7546

Contact Email:

We serve the mental health care needs of students and the campus community from our location on the main campus. Most students know us as CAPS, or Counseling and Psychiatric Services.

Many students come to CAPS when they experience life events or academic pressures that leave them feeling anxious, confused, lonely, angry, depressed or overwhelmed. When those feelings persist for more than just a few days, it is often helpful to speak with an unbiased, objective professional. Some students come only for consultation about how to help a friend or family member. Any personal issue that is troubling a student may be discussed in counseling.

At the Student Health Center, we believe you should develop personal responsibility for your health during your years at Georgetown. Staying healthy will give you a competitive edge, both now and in the future.

The care you receive will be based upon an important partnership with you. Primary physical and psychological health care and health education are provided through the Student Health Center (SHC), the Counseling and Psychiatric Service (CAPS) and Health Education Services.

SHC is a service provided by Georgetown University Hospital at Georgetown University, a Catholic and Jesuit University. Our physicians, nurse practitioners and staff abide by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, Fifth Edition - 2009.

June 12, 2015 Newsletter


The Georgetown Scholarship Program was founded in 2004 and since then it has served over 1000 Georgetown students. Currently, GSP provides programmatic support for over 625 undergraduates, ensuring that all 1789 Scholarship students have the resources and support networks they need to succeed at Georgetown.

The program consists of alumni, parents, and friends of Georgetown University committed to providing resources and support to all deserving students, regardless of socioeconomic status. By receiving a 1789 Scholarship, a student is admitted into the Georgetown Scholarship Program, where they have access to a vast alumni network, career and academic help, mentorship programs, and campus support.

Twenty years ago, Georgetown University conceived the idea of engaging new students in the thoughtful reading of a text by a major international author. During the summer prior to their matriculation into the academic life of Georgetown, the university asks first-year students to read the selected text and complete a reflection assignment. At the beginning of the fall semester, the author of the selected text comes to campus to discuss the novel and the life of writing with all incoming freshmen. Immediately following the author's conversation with the new Hoyas, more than eighty faculty and staff members meet with the students in small discussion groups and together embark on a thematic and stylistic analysis of the novel. These small group seminars encourage students to comment on and debate the author's premises, challenge each others' interpretations, and discuss any questions they have. In addition to their discussion of the literary aspects of the novel, the groups will delve into the philosophical, historical, cultural, religious, and political issues the novel raises.​

Welcome to the Georgetown University Women’s Center! The Women’s Center opened in 1990 and has been celebrating, honoring and empowering our campus community since its inception. We offer a diverse selection of educational programs, volunteer opportunities, services and resources to engage the Georgetown campus in meaningful ways. We work closely with students, staff, faculty and alumni to address the needs of our community and to create a supportive environment that is respectful and reflects our Jesuit values of Cura Personalis. Our door is open! Please visit us in 327 Leavey Center, follow us on Facebook and Hoya link and join us for our Open House event on Tuesday September 1st. We look forward to working with you and becoming an integral part of your experience at Georgetown. Hoya Saxa! ​

For both committed athletes AND students interested in learning a new sport, Club Sports provide Georgetown University students with a recreational opportunity to participate on an organized sports team.  Teams are student-run organizations and are managed by an advisory board composed of club athletes.  Club Sports provide students a chance to compete at various levels of competition and become a member of the larger Club Sports community on campus.

The Club Sports program features over 30 teams, ranging from Rugby to Ice Hockey to Equestrian.  Our list of club sports continues to grow as groups of motivated students create new teams through our new club development process.

In addition to providing opportunities to compete and recreation, the Club Sports program assists in developing leadership and management skills among our club athletes.  Overall, Club Sports at Georgetown University is designed to enhance the student experience through recreation and community.

May 29, 2015 Newsletter